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Mixing Street With Sweet

Make a Statement

Brick wall with smiley face painted design

The Story of Smiley Pie

A Need For A Unique Boys Boutique

Boys fashion is so much more than cars, dinosaurs and sports designs with little personality. After the birth of my son, Baby G, I realized how this cookie cutter clothing wasn't going to cut it for us. I craved trendy, fun and one-of-a-kind fashion for my baby boy!


Smiley Pie Boutique offers high-quality and affordable items with two unique styles - street & sweet!


Our 'Smiley' side offers a modern and energetic vibe featuring bright colors and patterns perfect for everyday street wear. Our other side is sweet as 'Pie' and filled with elegance and charm. All of our pieces are sure to stand out in the crowd.


Our shop also offers mommy and son coordinating pieces. As a new mom, I immediately saw a need for this as many stores tend to only carry mommy/daughter and daddy/son collections 

Explore our shop which also offers unique and neutral gift items including swaddles, toys and baby items. 

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